Friday, October 15, 2010

Yummy-No Good For Ya- Bacon Cheeseburgers!!

Don't you just love a big ol' greasy hamburger? okay, maybe not! But I do get a craving for one every once in awhile! The other night I did and this is what I ended up making for dinner!

I actually used 3 lbs of ground hamberger (I had already rip opened the first before I decided to take pictures). Our family of six did not eat all 3lbs for dinner. I made extra burgers on purpose so that my husband would have something to take for lunch the next day.

I didn't measure anything. I just sprinkled a generous amount of onion powder, garlic salt and pepper onto the hamberger. Then I just squished it up really good with my hands. Because we all know that is the best way to mix stuff up is with our hands!! Right?

And now for the bacon!!! Oh bacon, how I love thee!!! I could eat you for every meal!!
My brother raises some pigs so we are able to purchase fresh pork from him!!
(We also get fresh beef from my parents, but we ran out and they haven't butchered yet, so that's why you see meat from Kroger!)
anyway, back to the lovely fresh bacon!! This good ol' farm boy sure knows how to fatten up a pig and make it taste good!!
I just cut those pieces in half with my not-so-fancy scissors and threw them in a hot skillet!

Yummy!! It just smells so yumming having that fry side by side!
When they were done, I 'degreased' the bacon on a paper towel. I placed the hamberger patties on a baking sheet, put cheese on them and placed them in the oven at 225* so the cheese could melt!!

While the cheese was melting, I began toasting some bread.
Yes, that is a picture of bread. Sometimes I'm so cheapfrugal that I don't even buy buns! I just use the bread that I bought for super cheap and keep in the freezer until I need it! So, there it is toasting and I have almost all of the delicious toppings to add. I forgot to cut up an onion!

This is how I made the kids hambergerham-bread! Little mayo, pickles, bacon and what do ya know?


What is your favorite not-so-good-for-you meal?