Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Easy Pancake Shapes

My kids love requesting pancakes in different shapes!
Circles are fun! if you're a square!
that was really bad!!

Back to the Pancakes!
This particular morning they requested initials!

Other times requests have been Barbie heads, hearts, Christmas trees and stars to name the few I can remember.
In the past I haven't been so excited about making these shapes becuase I was using a funnel and they didn't turn out as 'perfect' as I wanted.

Then I remembered I had a couple of icing bottles that I hadn't used lately.

So I cut the tip off to make it wide enough for the batter to squeeze through.
Filled her up and started making shapes!

and if you are needing a good pancake recipe to put in your bottles then you could mix up THIS ONE!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baking Soda Use # 3

Isn't it pretty?

That was the lovely 'stamp' our cups made when we had this SPICED CIDER.

What is a cheap and bleach free way to clean this up?

Sprinkle the dry baking soda across your stain.

Get your rag wet and sometimes I squeeze a little water over it.
This way I am scrubbing with a paste.

Rinse the surface off a couple of times with clean water
and it is back to Beautiful!!!

Baking Soda Use #47

Don't worry! You didn't miss the other 46!! I just didn't want this to be number 1!!
Yes, I am a bit silly like that, but I'm starting to think that's why my family is keeping me around!

Don't I ever wash that thing!?!?!?!?!?!

Of course I do!! I even scrub it once a week! But there always seems to be some sneaky build-up that gets worse over time.

That's when I pull out the BIG GUNS aka Baking Soda and get to work!!

I just sprinkled a little around my sink and in the drain and scrubbed it with one of my crochet cloths
(not the white of course, it's to pretty for a job like that!)

Much Better! Dontcha' think??
Well, I do and it's amazing what a little Baking Soda and elbow grease can do for you!!