Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Easy Pancake Shapes

My kids love requesting pancakes in different shapes!
Circles are fun! if you're a square!
that was really bad!!

Back to the Pancakes!
This particular morning they requested initials!

Other times requests have been Barbie heads, hearts, Christmas trees and stars to name the few I can remember.
In the past I haven't been so excited about making these shapes becuase I was using a funnel and they didn't turn out as 'perfect' as I wanted.

Then I remembered I had a couple of icing bottles that I hadn't used lately.

So I cut the tip off to make it wide enough for the batter to squeeze through.
Filled her up and started making shapes!

and if you are needing a good pancake recipe to put in your bottles then you could mix up THIS ONE!!!


Anonymous said...

These are great! Would love to see more pictures. How did you make the barbie head? That sounds neat. LOL! My daughter would love that.


Contessa said...

This is a wonderful idea! Thanks!