Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Cakes!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Weekend! I know we are here in the Old Fashioned House!
My five year old seems to be the MOST excited and it's not just because of all the candy she thinks the easter bunny will be bringing. She keeps telling me how nice it was that Jesus died for our sins. and that she LOVES HIM so much for doing that for us!

Now, I know that yesterday I posted on my facebook page that I was baking some eggs! I'm so sorry for not getting that up yesterday, but my husband came home super early and it was so nice for our family to spend time together. Since he took a new position I feel like we've hardly seen him!

Alright! are you ready for this? I'm sure some of you have already seen this or even made them, but I found them and just had to try!!

has a wonderful tutorial!!
If you want to make these just click on her blog name and it will take you right to her page! I'm sure you can use any cake recipe you want but I tried hers and used vanilla instead of the lemon extract! Remember? I like to use what I have on hand! lol

Hollowed out eggs!

Getting ready to be filled with cake batter!

Filled up!!  (and I put too much in there!)

Baking! (See? Too full!!)

Cooling! (They sure don't look very pretty!)

Cleaned up!! Peeled!! and Ready to eat!!!

I only ate one today, what else was I going to do with a half peeled egg?
But it got me to thinking! These would be delicious with strawberries on them after they have been peeled!! I'm sure my girls will enjoy them tomorrow!!

Now I need to make a run to the store. All I have for tomorrow is our ham!! Yikes!!
Today I worked on a storage transformation instead of preparing for Easter Dinner!! Yikes!
Have I ever mentioned that I probably should have named my blog Lil' Miss Procrastination! ??

Wishing You All a Blessed Easter!

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