Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Year Under my Belt!!!

I'm sorry that there hasn't been too much going on around here lately! I have been letting some other things occupy my time the last couple of weeks!

The rest of Spring Break went quite well if we don't count three of my four children getting sick a bad thing!
And ALL of us were only TOO HAPPY that Sean came back Friday night!!!

Now, back to the point of this post!!


We all LOVE those cute little cookies right?

I do too but only 9 months a year!
But they are only sold for 3 months a year you say??

That is right!!!

This was my van loaded down with our 'initial' order. I 'only' had 85 cases or 1,065 boxes in the ol' mini beast!!

And then I had to store them in my garage so they could be sorted and delivered!! Thankfully our Troop leader stopped by for the afternoon to help me sort and then take her 450+ boxes of cookies that her daughter sold!

I hope nobody thinks I'm complaining about this. Because I really do enjoy being the Troop's Cookie Mom! I'm just glad that it only lasts 3 months! January I am ALL Excited about Cookie Season, but Mid-March I am ready to have all those cookies GONE!!!

So, now that all the money has been collected and deposited in the bank....... I can get back to cooking up some real food and desserts!!!

and look forward to GS cookies again next year!!!

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