Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween a week later

or almost two weeks!! But whose counting?? I guess I am!! Can you believe Halloween has already come and gone like that? That means that Thanksgiving is almost here!! EEEEKK!! ha! I thought that word was only used for Halloween!!

Okay, back to HALLOWEEN!! If you are a 'Plan Ahead Person' like I'm not but really trying hard to be....You can pull these little do-dads out and whip them up next year!!

Aren't they scary?  My Friend Tina over at Mommy's Kitchen made them for her family.  Mummy Dogs!!! I love it!!! 

Now onto another Halloween treat that can also be used for FALL in general! Can't beat multi-purpose can ya?

I am stating right now: I WILL GET BETTER AT REMEMBERING TO TAKE PICTURES WHILE I'M MAKING THINGS!!! They are almost guaranteed not to be very good pictures but I will take pictures!!!

This picture is the white cake batter I mixed up, tinted with food coloring and placed in these awesome bottles!!

I squirted the batter into the mini cupcake papers alternating the three colors and then baked them!

ALL 96 of them!!

At 9 o'clock at night. Because that's when EVERYONE does it!! Right? Nope! that's just me?

and this next picture is my icing I'm so proud of !!! The yellow and orange turned out magnificent!!
I can't believe how giddy I get over making simple little cupcakes!!

I have to tell you that I'm really not too fond of Candy Corn (unless it is mixed with nuts) but these little cupcakes!! Oh, if the girls wouldn't of had their hearts set on taking these to school! I probably could have eaten ALL 96 of these little bad boys!!!


Now to box them up and send them to the already sugar- overloaded kiddies!!!
I should have bought another box!!

About those boxes, I stumbled upon the nifty-es little store one day! (Apparently I was the only person who did NOT know about this place, because everytime I told somebody about it in ALL my excitement, I would get a 'Oh yeah, that place has been there FOREVER!!')

Anyway, just incase you do not know about it and you don't want anyone talking to you like that.
I'm going to quietly post the link right HERE and then you'll know!!

Peace Out Girl Scouts!!


Chef Dennis said...

great job with those cupcakes...I'm usually tucked in bed by your mummy dogs too!
Thanks for sharing your creations with us and welcome to foodbuzz!

Vic said...

those cupcakes loooook so good! amazing! we've been baking a lot lately...i wondered where to get boxes...thanks doll! i tried to grab your button but it's not working:( i'll put you on the daily ind. list! xoxo