Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Take 1

I hope everyone has/is enjoying their Thanksgiving!!
We have had Sean's family in since Wednesday night, so it's been pretty crazy  busy
around here! I realized this weekend why I decided to stop with four kiddos
instead of six!! Feeding and cleaning up after everybody, even with my SIL and MIL's help
is quite an undertaking!!

Tomorrow they will all head back to Missouri. I know there will be lots of tears
shed by my girls, but we will do it all over again in a little over four weeks!!

The better part of tomorrow will probably be spent cleaning up the house, doing laundry
and unspoiling my children!!

Next week I will be posting LOTS of pictures!! We had TONS of food on Friday
and I fixed breakfast and dinner each day while everyone was here!

Us girls (MIL, SIL and I) spent the afternoon shopping, while the guys 'watched'
the kids. (I'm pretty sure it was the other way around!)
We went to that SALEPLACE I talked about a couple posts ago. I think my SIL
died and went to craft heaven!! She seemed to be as Excited as I was the first time I
went there!!
And then.....we went to not one, BUT TWO GOODWILL stores!! JACK-POT baby!!
I feel like I got some major steals, but my SIL ended up one-upping me!!
She found some Frogg-Toggs. These puppies are NOT cheap!
They still had the tags on them!! The price said $9 and some change, she went up
to the counter to pay and THEY WERE ON SALE!!! She ended up paying $5 bucks
for them!! Crazy-sweet deal!! Oh yeah, she got the Cherry ones.

I guess I better finish cleaning up the dishes and sweep the spaghetti bits up off my floor!!
Did I mention I've been running my dishwasher at least 2 times a day??? A couple of days it's even
been THREE!! How do some of you do this daily? I'm pooped!!

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Tina Butler at Mommy's Kitchen said...

I am glad you survived and lived to tell about it. I still have yet to go to the saleplace. I was thinking about it yesterday at hobby lobby when i was looking at goodie boxes. Whew they are pricey. I didn't know you liked to shop at thrift stores!!! I now have a new thrift store buddy so watch out. See you soon.