Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movie Night!!

            Since school started back in August, there seems to be something going on just about every night during the week! Between taking the girls to Girl Scouts, Awana and Gymnastics..... Wednesday is about the only evening we get to spend any time together as a family.
    and my older kids are only in 4th and 2nd Grade!! Not to mention they participate in the same activities on the same nights! What am I going to do when THAT changes????  Yikes!!! I guess I need to just enjoy this while I can!

Okay, back to Wednesdays!!!
           This particular Wednesday, we chose to have a Movie Night!!

          and you can't have MOVIE NIGHT without first eating Pizza and drinking Soda in the Living Room!!

                  I just had to add that picture because they are so stinkin' cute!!!  A little bias? Not at all!!!!

and here are our movie goodies!!
Candy Corn!!! Snickers!!!! and what is that bowl of goodness in the center???? I don't remember the name of it, but I found it in the Halloween candy section and.....Oh My Goodness!!!! That chocolate covered popcorn and mini pretzels was almost to much goodness for me!!!!

and you are probably wondering what movie it was right? You will NEVER guess!
Yes, I do question my parenting skillz sometimes! Why do you ask?

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Amanda Butts said...

Here I am reading your blog again! I love it!! Your girls are just the cutest - what a fun movie night! Also, those candy corn cupcakes were DELICIOUS. My kiddos all told T that she was so lucky that her mom bakes like that and they wished theirs did, too. Haha, just too cute :)