Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 came and went

Almost five days after Turkey-Day and I'm finally getting my food pictures up! Using the word of a very dear friend, I have been quite the 'slacker'!! I do have good reason's for this taking so long!! I promise!!
As I mentioned before, my husbands family was in town Wednesday evening until Sunday morning.
As soon as they all started back to Missouri, I started laundry, sweeping the floors and just small things in general to get the house back to six people living in it instead of THIRTEEN!!

We get to do this all over again in five weeks and honestly, I can't wait! I love having company and cooking for everyone!

Alrighty, so, reigning myself back to what this post is really about.....

Our Thanksgiving Dinner we had on Friday!!!!

Doesn't that just look DELICIOUS!!!! I could go for another big-o plate of that now!!

Here is the Southern 7-Layer Salad that I made.

My grandmother used to make this at Christmas and I just thought we really needed to have it for Thanksgiving. I'm sure I will be making it again for Christmas!! (or a couple of times in
between because it is THAT good and EASY!!)

And here is our Turkey!!

Where would we be without our star of the show? I smothered this baby in a butter, rosemary and orange peel concoction that I got from Pioneer Woman when she was on 'THROW DOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY' .

And then somebody has to carve it!!

You would not believe how excited Sean got when I told him he could use the electric knife to carve the turkey!! The way he was acting, you would have thought it was Christmas instead of Thanksgiving!!

And the cranberry sauce!! I had NEVER made cranberry sauce before!!! Can you believe that? I feel like I had committed some kind of sin, not ever making this!!

PW's Green Bean Casserole was very delicious!! I'm pretty sure that when she stated in her recipe that you could put crushed potato chips on top that it was a joke! But I took her VERY SERIOUSLY because I ran out of time to make the Onion Strings that I thought I would and I didn't pick up any bread crumbs just incase of a fail!! I do think that the chips tasted pretty good though!!

I have another confession to make also.........the last time I made homemade stuffing was 10 years ago!!!
 I cannot believe I have been using STOVE TOP!! PW's recipe was NOT hard at all and it tasted Perfect!!

Oooh, and these potatoes?!?!?!?!  The only thing that comes to mind right now is how proud my Daddy must be that I almost single handedly support his Dairy Farm when I make these potatoes!!!!
(Okay, so that's not completely true, but I did use ALOT of butter, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and milk in these bad boys!)

Yummy!!! Do you see that spot towards the bottom where they were starting to turn golden?? That's my favorite!! I could eat a whole pan of 'crusty' mashed tators!!

If you haven't realized it already, it does not take much to make me happy, this gravy?
I am VERY proud of how this turned out!!! That was the smoothest and best tasting gravy, I, have every made!!! (Yes, I do realize there is some 'skin' on my gravy, but we gave it a quick little stir and it went away!!)

These little Cake Mix Dinner Rolls! had just enough sweet to counteract the salty of the meal!!.....
and leave you wanting more sweets!!
Are you ready for the desserts?? Cause I'm not sure if I made enough!!

Pecan Pie!!!

 If you are allergic to nuts or don't care for it at all......I'm so sorry, this is just not a dessert I could live without!! and then, when you drizzle this .....

Whiskey Cream Sauce Over it??? Oooh, I just had to sit and savor it!!!

And we CANNOT forget Pumpkin Pie!!

That was our meal!! I'm starting to wish right now that I would have had more leftovers!!

I hate to leave you all hanging, but I will get the recipes added to this post later. If you really need them now you can go to my Thanksgiving Meal Post and get them off of there for now. Sorry for the inconvience, but I really wanted to get at least part of this post up!!


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Yum everything looks super delicious

Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said...

Everything looks delicious. Sure wish I was at your house because it all looks so tempting.

Vic said...

WOW...ur super fab my friend! this meal is awesome...what did you use for the gravy...i tried to make didn't look as good as yours:)