Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Cookies!!!

Looking back over the past 5 years since my girls have started school, we have been very Blessed
by the Teachers that my girls have had!
M attended Pre-K and Kindergarten at the same school I went to for 10 years and had a Wonderful
Teacher who just happened to be a close family friend also. Every get together we had was pretty
much like a parent-teacher conference and I really enjoyed that.

We moved away after Christmas of M's Kinder year and I finished out that year by homeschooling her.
She had a wonderful first grade teacher and public school was not as scary as I thought it was going to be!!

Next we moved here to Texas and M started second grade and T started Kinder.
I just love the elementary that my girls are going to! and it is because of the teachers!!! They care!!
I was not disappointed by M's third grade teacher or T's first grade teacher either!
and this year???
AMAZING also!!

Which brings me to some BIRTHDAY COOKIES!!!!

T came home from school last week and told me that her teacher's birthday was coming up. T really wanted
to get her something and I asked her what she was thinking.
She wasn't sure at first, but then she told me that Ms. B wanted COOKIES!!
(now this is how I heard it from a second grader, and I probably should have used GOOGLE first, but
I ALWAYS believe my T even when I probably shouldn't)

T started out by telling me Ms. B wanted cookies that were her favorite colors.
I asked what her favorite colors are and had her write them down for me because I was
pretty confidant in myself that I WOULD forget!!

T told me to make the cookies YELLOW, PURPLE AND GREEN because those are LSU's colors.
AND EVERYONE at school knows that is Ms. B's College!

and since making said cookies and checking out what LSU's colors are......they are officially GOLD AND PURPLE so I'm sure Ms. B thinks I'm even looney-er then she first thought!!

and just as a side note........
when did I get old enough that some of my daughters teacher's have been/are younger then me??

any whoot!   I layered these little jewels between wax paper!

and wrapped them up with plastic wrap, a cute purple ribbon and a Happy Birthday wish!!
all after 9pm.
Because apparently that's the only time I like to bake!!!

and I know you are wondering which Sugar Cookie recipe I used, right?
and I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say it's PW's

One of these days I'll post the actual recipe but for now you'll just have to click HERE!!!

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