Thursday, December 9, 2010

Public Service Announcement!!!

This evening I was trying to fix supper before I had to take M and T to gymnastics.
I didn't plan on having it done so we could eat before we left, but I wanted it to be ready
for us when we got back!
I was rushing a little bit and I'm sure I'm probably the only one who happens to make ALOT of
mistakes when I'm rushing!!

I had heated up the oil for PW's Buttermilk Chicken Tenders (which brings me to the fact that I didn't
even get pictures of our meal because of the events that happened next!!)

I reached into the cabinet to grab the season salt and do you know what happened????

My season salt tried to commit suicide!!!!

It jumped right out of the cabinet and landed in the pan of HOT OIL!!!!

It took me about 2 seconds to realize what was going on!!

The oil splashed ALL OVER THE STOVE!!!

Thankfully none of my kiddos were in the kitchen at the time and surprisingly it only splashed onto my shirt!!

My first thought was that there was going to be some sort of fire, and then the plastic bottle started to

suck in so I scooped it up out of the oil and set it on the counter!!

Somehow my brain kicked back on and I thought to take a couple of pictures of it!!

It looks bad, right?

I was able to save the season salt, so everything is right in my kitchen again!!

As far as the Public Service Announcement goes?

Please be very careful when you open your spice cabinet!! Since the holidays are upon us, the spices are
getting antsy and have been known to jump or shove others out of the cabinet!!

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